Three Treasures Internal Arts

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts help develop proper body alignment, strength, coordination, flexibility, mental clarity, alertness and calmness, and strengthen the mind, body and spirit.

As part of the North American Tang Shou Tao Association, we seek to create a community of practitioners dedicated to researching, preserving and passing on traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese Medicine. We currently offer classes in Oakland, Menlo Park, and Stanford, California.

Instruction is focused on developing a balanced, healthful approach to training and living, while retaining the true flavor and martial spirit of these various arts. Training in each art consists of specific warm-up and conditioning exercises, solo forms, applications, two-person exercises, qigong, and weapons training.

In addition to our regular class meetings, students may also participate in:


To cultivate the highest expressions of Chinese Internal Boxing takes long years of practice and a high level of dedication. It is not an easy process, and we never expect to have a large school. Our material is difficult, and refining it is a slow process which asks much of the student.

For those who persevere, great things may be achieved.

Three Treasures Internal Arts was founded in 2001 by three Instructors in the North American Tang Shou Tao Association. Oakland classes are currently taught by Instructors Neil Clark and Roscoe White. Menlo Park classes are taught by Instructors Naoko Koike and John Groschwitz. Petaluma classes taught by Joseph Park.

Visit the NATSTA website for more information on our arts, our teachers, and our goals.